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Got Adrenal Fatigue or CFS?

Running on Empty?

Stressed to the max and burnt out?

Help is at Hand!


London Nutritionist Rosie Whiteway

Regain your Zest for Life and Recover from Exhaustion

Modern Living can be really demanding and plays havoc on our bodies - especially in times of stress


Adrenal fatigue or adrenal exhaustion is a term used to cover a number of symptoms such as excessive tiredness leading to exhaustion, poor sleep, anxiety, weight gain among others, which often occur after periods of chronic stress.  We live our lives at such a fast pace often taking little time to stop and enjoy life; to relax and to calm down that eventually the body begins to suffer.


The theory is that stress impacts the adrenal glands (which make stress hormones) and eventually they “burn out” and fail to produce sufficient cortisol. The medical community do not as such recognise this as a medical condition however the symptoms are very real to those who suffer and can be very debilitating.


Diagnostic testing can be very helpful in identifying this condition.  Dietary and lifestyle changes can significantly help improve symptoms and help restore a person back to health.  In my experience, an adrenal stress test is vital to identify this condition and then retesting at the 6 month stage often shows significant improvement in cortisol levels.

"I stumbled upon Rosie’s website one night when googling for help with exhaustion after feeling at a loss of what to do.  The GP had run tests and apparently nothing was wrong but I could hardly get out of bed each morning despite how many hours sleep I had.  I had suffered a prolonged period of stress and was really struggling to cope.  I saw Rosie and she thought I was suffering with adrenal fatigue.  She asked me to do an Adrenal Stress test which confirmed her thoughts and she then made lots of recommendations to get me back on track.  As I’ve learnt it is a slow process but 6 months on and I can honestly say my energy has improved and I’m feeling a lot better than before."

Lucy S

"I’d suffered with exhaustion for years and didn’t realise how tired I really was all of the time and how this was impacting my life as I’d just got used to it.  Finally now I can look back and see the positive change in my health and I am very happy."

Stephen P


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IBS & Digestive Issues

I have been having problems with my stomach and digestion for years and tried so many different things. It wasn't until a friend recommended Rosie to me that I managed to get to the heart of the problem and am now feeling so much better. Thank you Rosie! x

Izzy B

Julie D

Weight Loss & PCOS

It wasn't until recently when I've started to recover my health that I realised just how low I'd got about my condition. Rosie's really turned my life around and I can't thank her enough for really listening to me - you're a star.

Adrenal Fatigue & Stress

I've been overdoing it for years and it all caught up with me and I didn't know what to do. Fortunately I found Rosie and she helped me to put a workable plan in place. It's been emotional - thanks.

Jules W

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