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Achieve Your Health Goals

With A Nutrition Consultation


London Nutritionist Rosie Whiteway

The objective of the nutrition consultation is to get to the root cause of your symptoms and jointly agree of a personalised plan to help you feel well again.  Each person is unique therefore your plan will be unique and tailored to you.

Why see a Nutritionist?

  • Have you been struggling with health concerns that are not getting better?

  • Do you not feel well?

  • Do you suffer with poor energy/feel tired all the time?

  • Do you struggle with poor sleep and high stress?

  • Do you seem to pick up every bug going?

  • Do you react to food and feel full and bloated after meals?

  • Do you have digestive problems?

  • Are you struggling to lose weight?

  • Do you struggle with hormone imbalances, painful periods, PMT etc?


These are some of the reasons why clients book a Nutrition Consultation with me.  We work together to find out what is going on and then how we can return you to great health.


The Process:


During the consultation I build a detailed picture of you, your eating habits, medical history, family history, emotional health, your health concerns/conditions and your health goals.  I add to this your lifestyle factors such as work, stress, home life, financial circumstances and how you feel about your ability to change. 

I offer an explanation as to why your current lifestyle/diet could be contributing to your symptoms.  I then provide a detailed nutritional/lifestyle plan which we will discuss and agree.  I may also recommend nutritional supplements and/or diagnostic testing.

Prior to the consultation I ask you to complete a detailed pre-questionnaire and 3 day food diary analysis.

Follow up appointments are booked for 2-3 weeks following the initial appoint. 


Email support is offered between consultations.

Initial Consultation in person or by Video - 75 mins​ £99 by video or £139 in person

Follow up Consultation - 45 mins £49 by video or £79 in person