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London Nutritionist Rosie Whiteway

Finally Lose the Weight You've Always Wanted to

No starvation diets just food that is tasty, nutritious and filling.

Weight loss is big business and currently costs the NHS around £10 billion annually.  It is estimated that 1 in 3 adults are obese in a recent study by University College London and if current trends continue then 48% of Britons will be obese by 2045.


Weight loss is a big problem and for many people it seems it is notoriously difficult to lose weight and even if they do it often creeps back on.  In addition, fat around the middle/belly fat is linked with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Fundamentally something must be wrong and the age old low calorie diets, no fat diets do not work.  We are bombarded with different diets everywhere we turn, from low calorie, dukan, paleo, low sugar, weight watchers, slimming world, vegan, keto and the list goes on.


In my experience consumers are lost and don’t know what to do.  In addition, many of the diets are drastic and promote the quickest/fastest way to lose weight but often that is not sustainable.


My approach to weight loss is not starvation and you will not be hungry.  I provide an easy to follow plan of nourishing foods that fill you up, providing you with the right nutrients your body needs to make you feel well and in turn the weight will come off.  I also provide emotional support and motivation to help you make changes that last once and for all.


I have a proven track record in helping clients achieve their weight loss goals.

“I saw Rosie as I’d been attending Slimming World for a couple of years and despite being able to lose 4 stone, I still had a long way to go and felt like I’d reached a plateau.  I was also entering the menopause and wanted to help reduce the symptoms without resorting to HRT as advised by my GP.  I saw Rosie and immediately felt at ease.  She listened to all of my concerns and produced a plan for me to follow.  3 weeks later I had lost half a stone, my energy has increased, I am no longer craving sugar and I feel full after each meal but not in a bloated, heavy way.  I can’t thank her enough and would recommend her to anyone”. 

Sarah B


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IBS & Digestive Issues

I have been having problems with my stomach and digestion for years and tried so many different things. It wasn't until a friend recommended Rosie to me that I managed to get to the heart of the problem and am now feeling so much better. Thank you Rosie! x

Izzy B

Julie D

Weight Loss & PCOS

It wasn't until recently when I've started to recover my health that I realised just how low I'd got about my condition. Rosie's really turned my life around and I can't thank her enough for really listening to me - you're a star.

Adrenal Fatigue & Stress

I've been overdoing it for years and it all caught up with me and I didn't know what to do. Fortunately I found Rosie and she helped me to put a workable plan in place. It's been emotional - thanks.

Jules W

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