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Digestive Issues?

IBS ruining your life?

SIBO or Leaky Gut?

I can help!


London Nutritionist Rosie Whiteway

Finally Lose the Weight You've Always Wanted to

Don’t be crippled by digestive issues for life, let me help you take charge and sort them out once and for all.


Digestive issues affect a large percentage of the population at some point in their life and for some they can be debilitating.  Digestive issues cover a whole range of conditions:

  • heart burn

  • indigestion

  • bloating

  • IBS

  • constipation

  • gas

  • diarrhoea

  • food intolerances/allergies

  • celiac disease

  • diverticulitis

  • crohn’s etc


There are many causes of digestive issues:

  • stress

  • bacterial overgrowth (such as SIBO, candida, parasites etc)

  • prolonged use of antibiotics which imbalances the gut biome and can lead to reduced gut flora and proliferation of pathogens

  • leaky gut which occurs when the gut lining lets food particles cross into the bloodstream resulting in a whole range of symptoms.


In addition there is now more and more clinical based evidence linking poor gut function to poor mental health.   As you can see it is a complex issue and as a Nutritionist I have a wealth of experience in helping clients with their digestive issues.  The food you eat has a profound effect on how you feel and this is never more important as the digestive tract is the organ that processes all the food we consume.

Having digestive issues can feel like it's taken over your life and you will never get your life back again without them. It's not all doom and gloom though and I can help you.

"I saw Rosie after experiencing constipation for many years and despite trying everything I could never really resolve the issue.  Rosie provided excellent advice and support which really made a difference and it wasn’t the standard eat more prunes and fibre!  She ran a comprehensive digestive stool analysis which highlighted specific bugs in my digestive system and also that I was low in good bacteria.  This made sense because thinking back my symptoms started after a bad tummy bug which occurred just after I’d taken antibiotics for a urine infection.   I made dietary changes and took her recommended supplements and I can honestly say for the first time in 5 years I feel great and it is not ruling my life.  I have no hesitation in recommending Rosie."

Susie P

"Rosie really helped me after I returned from India and had a lot of digestive problems.  She correctly diagnosed what was going on and returned me to health."

Katie H


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IBS & Digestive Issues

I have been having problems with my stomach and digestion for years and tried so many different things. It wasn't until a friend recommended Rosie to me that I managed to get to the heart of the problem and am now feeling so much better. Thank you Rosie! x

Izzy B

Julie D

Weight Loss & PCOS

It wasn't until recently when I've started to recover my health that I realised just how low I'd got about my condition. Rosie's really turned my life around and I can't thank her enough for really listening to me - you're a star.

Adrenal Fatigue & Stress

I've been overdoing it for years and it all caught up with me and I didn't know what to do. Fortunately I found Rosie and she helped me to put a workable plan in place. It's been emotional - thanks.

Jules W

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