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Do Cows Get IBS? Is their diet to blame for Climate Change?

We all know that cows are to blame for climate change right? New research shows that maybe it's actually what they're being fed - and the symptoms look just like IBS!

It's a large reason why so many people are turning vegan and causing shock waves in the food industry. However, recent research has shown that it's not the cow's fault its giving off so much gas but their diet. Modern, intensive farming methods mean that cows are not getting enough exercise, live a life full of stress and eating a poor diet solely consisting of grass when naturally they would eat a broad range of plants. If you suffer from IBS then you'll recognise the causes of your IBS being very similara and quite possibly the same side effects!

The United Nations has said that over half the 14% of Greenhouse Gas Emmissions from Animal Farming is caused by rearing Red Meat and Dairy Farming. 'Mob Grazing' may be the answer though according to the Soil Association -


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