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Supplements? Junk or Essential? What are they good for?

Nutritional Supplements. It's a minefield. There are so many different types out there just where do you start?

In this blog post I'll be taking a look at Nutritional Supplements in depth:

  1. From who should take them and why

  2. The different types of nutrition supplements available and different price points

  3. A quick look at some of the leading suppliers I recommend for different budgets.

  4. what you should be looking for in your supplements - as well as what to steer cleaer of

  5. The difference between supplementing for RDA, Optimal Health and supporting a condition.

As human's we're no different than any other animal and plant on the planet in that we need certain inputs in order to survive and thrive. With soil degradation and environmental pollutants on the up amongst other things supplementation is a key way to help us to not only make up for these attacks on our body and lack of nutrients in our food but to also support us in fighting off ailments and live better lives through Optimal Nutrition.

What is Optimal Nutrition?


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